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Housing Finance Research. Vol. 6, No. 2, 2022

A Search and Matching Model of the Housing Market and the Dynamic Effects of Financial Shocks
주택시장 매칭모형과 금융비용 충격의 동태적 효과
Hous. Finance Res. 2022;6(2):5-49.
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The Effect of Base Rate Changes on Initial Yield Spread of Mortgage-Backed Securities in Korea
국내 기준금리 변동이 MBS(Mortgage-Backed Securities) 발행금리에 미치는 영향
Hous. Finance Res. 2022;6(2):51-71.
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Analysis of Effects of Digital Finance Characteristics on Housing Finance Intention
디지털 금융 특성이 주택 금융 활용 의도성에 미치는 영향 분석
Hous. Finance Res. 2022;6(2):73-97.
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Analysis on Factors of Households’ Microscopic Decision to Join the Reverse Mortgage Loan
주택연금의 미시적 가입 의사결정 요인의 분석
Hous. Finance Res. 2022;6(2):99-122.
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Return Spillover Effects in Apartment Sales, Chonsei, and Monthly Rent Markets
아파트 매매가격, 전세가격 및 월세가격 간의 수익률 전이효과
Hous. Finance Res. 2022;6(2):123-142.
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A Study on the Determinants of Death Insurance-Linked Housing Pension Subscription
사망보험금 주택연금 가입결정요인 연구
Hous. Finance Res. 2022;6(2):143-164.
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