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Housing Finance Research. Vol. 5, No. 2, 2021

An Empirical Analysis on the Effect of the Abandoned Building Maintenance Project on the Price of Neighboring Apartments
Hous. Finance Res. 2021;5(2):5-20.
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A Study on Public Housing Policy for Implementing Social Sustainability: Focused on Affordable Housing in Hawaii, USA
사회적 지속가능성 실현을 위한 임대주택 정책에 관한 연구: 미국 하와이주 저렴주택 사례를 중심으로
Hous. Finance Res. 2021;5(2):21-60.
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Analysis of Apartment Price Characteristics in Regional Submarkets: Focused on the Suyoung-gu in Busan
지역 하위시장의 아파트 가격 특성 분석: 부산시 수영구 사례를 중심으로
Hous. Finance Res. 2021;5(2):61-86.
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A Study on Determinants of Conversion to Trust-type Reverse Mortgage
신탁방식 주택연금 전환의향 결정요인에 관한 연구
Hous. Finance Res. 2021;5(2):87-104.
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Analysis of the Characteristics of the Vulnerable Class of Housing: Focusing on the Residents of the Gosiwon and Small Room
주거취약계층의 특성 분석: 고시원·쪽방 거주자를 중심으로
Hous. Finance Res. 2021;5(2):105-133.
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